SDCC 2018: The recap!

This was my eighth year going to San Diego Comic-Con, and it was kind of a weird one, but not in a bad way. The heavy hitters Marvel and HBO were notably absent. Lines were still around, but they were remarkably shorter. I’m not feeling as much of the post-con withdrawal as usual, but maybe it’s because this year was a slower con and honestly I’m okay with that. Here’s my SDCC summed up in 4 photos:

Otherwise read on for more!

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Is something…bugging you?

Because I’m a glutton for punishment I made another two critters right before Comic-Con. It was bugging me that I still hadn’t seen Ant-Man and the Wasp yet, and with all the buzz I figured I should see it first before deciding if I could worm out a few more critters before flying to San Diego. I watched the movie, and thankfully there were no stings of disappointment here! I enjoyed it and I was crawling with excitemANT for Comic-Con coming up. So I brought out the hooks. And the bug puns. I’ll show myself out.

Ant-Man and Wasp-6450 copy

Ant-Man and Wasp are smaller than my average critters! They’re literally a handful. (haaaa!)

Ant-Man and Wasp-6615 copy

Stop clapping, Scott, she’s not Tinker Bell and she’s not dying.

Ant-Man and Wasp 2nd edit-6501 copy

The first Ant-Man movie was one that I watched with VERY low expectations. Ant-Man?? Paul Rudd? Who the f- nevermind, I’ll just go see this for the sake of seeing it. I ended up walking out of the theater all smiles. Ant-Man and the Wasp was just as fun as the first Ant-Man movie, and Luis’s recaps always steal the show. Tip: If you like his recaps, you should REALLY look into Drunk History on Comedy Central. (and you learn legit history from it too!)

Ant-Man and Wasp are the final two critters for San Diego Comic-Con! I’ll be dropping these two as a pair. Find them and they’re yours to keep!

Ant-Man and Wasp 2nd edit-6621 copy

That rounds out my final critter lineup to a total of 15 critters, plus 3 more guest critters by Gina! Don’t forget to read this year’s critterdrop guidelines, and most of all, have a great time!

If you want to join my hunt for crocheted critters at San Diego Comic-Con this year, follow me on either twitter or facebook to track my drops! I just ask for two things if you find a critter: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend! 2) Let me know where the little buddy’s new home will be! Good luck, and happy hunting!

The Geeky Hooker


The more the merrier!

I’m not the only one doing art drops! Over the years I’ve found other people who make cool stuff and leave them behind for the rest of us to enjoy! While I’m not collecting guest art like I did last year (it was fun, but it ended up being too much for me), I’ll gladly spread the word if anyone else is doing art drops of their own! Check out these awesome folks and stalk them like crazy on twitter at SDCC to get a chance to pick up some of their art! Read on to see who else will be dropping fun stuff at SDCC next week!

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Plan on looking for a critter? Here’s what you need to know: 2018 edition

COMIC-CON APPROACHES!! Which means the hunt will be starting soon! I’m working on just one more critter (stay tuned!), but in the meantime I’ve been getting questions about how the drops will work from newcomers. The general guidelines for my drops will be the same as previous years, so here’s a recap:

    1. Follow me either on facebook or twitter, but I highly suggest twitter for drop-tracking. Facebook does a weird thing where it doesn’t show my posts in real-time based on whatever magical algorithm they use to control people’s newsfeeds.

      The Geeky Hooker

      1. Search for the hashtag #CRITTERDROP to filter for critterdrop-related updates. I’m sure a lot of you will be following lots of other people/organizations on various social media venues during Comic-Con, so hopefully the tag will help sort things out.
      2. Set up a twitter mobile alert on your phone! This isn’t required, but it’ll help! This way your phone will buzz every time I make a post on twitter, so you won’t miss a single drop! You might end up with your phone buzzing like crazy if I’m geeking out over something, but otherwise I’ll try to keep it tame. Instructions on how to set this up can be found here.
      3. If you find a critter, let me know that you found it! Please, please, PLEASE check in if you find a critter. Each one is tagged with a card with my contact info. I just ask for two things if you find one: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend, and 2) Let me know where the critter’s new home will be so I can add it to my map! I do this knowing that there’s a potential that anyone could swipe the critter and never get back to me on it, but it doesn’t make it any less disheartening when one goes missing.
      4. Critters will be dropped one at a time. No pairs/groups of critters.
      5. Drops aren’t the only way to get a critter! I’ve got three available as prizes for donating to the blood drive as well!
      6. I’m not the only one doing drops next week! See here for a full list of other awesome folks who are dropping their own art for everyone to enjoy! GO STALK THESE PEOPLE TOO.

As for WHERE the critters might be:

  1. I never drop critters out on the main exhibition floor. WAY too crowded, and I feel like the critters would get lost in the shuffle. So no worries about trying to fish for one in the mad sea of geekiness.
  2. However, I HAVE dropped critters in the hallways outside of the main exhibition floor, both upstairs and downstairs.
  3. No badge? No problem! I actually drop a large majority of my critters out in the Gaslamp Quarter! I’ve left little dudes in trees, in random flowerbeds outside of restaurants, etc. etc. I only do Gaslamp drops when there’s still daylight outside though. No drops at night…I feel like there’s a higher likelihood that it’ll end up lost when it’s dark out.
  4. If I’m in line somewhere (like for the infamous Hall H), I might step out now and then to drop a few critters. If we’re all going to be in line for hours, I may as well try to make things fun.

I don’t have any insight in terms of WHEN I’ll drop the critters, but drops will happen from Wednesday-Saturday. No drops on Sunday. Otherwise I try to evenly distribute how many are dropped per day throughout the course of the con, and I just drop ’em whenever it’s convenient and if I happen to spot a good drop location.

And most of all, HAVE FUN. It’s Comic-Con, for pete’s sake. There’s always something awesome going on, so enjoy yourself. And while sleeping is optional, don’t forget to bathe. Comic-Con stank is a very real thing. Happy hunting!

Can’t find a critter at SDCC? Win one at the blood drive!

So I’ve got 13 critters lined up for adoption so far. Cool, right? But dammit, you just can’t find one. You’re glued to my twitter, you’re borderline stalking my location (please don’t do that), and they just keep escaping you! BUT WAIT. There’s another way to get a critter! AND you get to save lives in the process.

In addition to the critters that I’ve made for dropping around the convention area, I’ll also be providing prizes for the annual Comic-Con blood drive once again! There will be 3 critters ready to go for a lucky soul who donates blood. If you donate blood, you’ll have a chance at winning any one of these three critters:

chewbacca SM copy

A chunk of walking carpet.

Princess Leia-6422

An intergalactic princess.

Porg-5349 copy

A flying space hamster. (and yes, I’ll have one for dropping AND one as a prize at the blood drive!)

I guess you could say there’s a theme to this year’s blood drive critters. 🙂 You can schedule ahead of time to donate here. You’ll get a sweet goodie bag, a chance to win a critter, and most of all, the opportunity to do something truly heroic. Be a hero, get a chance to win a critter!

Critters from afar!

Gina and I have never met in person. But since 2016 she’s been sending adorable little crocheted characters of her own every year all the way from the Czech Republic for me to drop for her at SDCC, and we’ve been keeping up with the tradition! Her work is crazy detailed, and I always forget how much smaller her little critters are until I get them in the mail! She packs so much into such a small little piece, and I LOVE it. She’s sent me 3 little buddies this year, and I’ll be dropping them on her behalf!

First up, a little Ahsoka Tano!


So tiny!

Next, a little Hades!


And lastly, a little Hulk Buster.

Hulk buster-6395


Hulk buster-6399


Hulk buster-6404

How. Freaking. Cute.

Group-6417 copy copy

If you want to find one of these little guys at SDCC this year, just follow me the same way you would for the rest of my critter drops! 🙂 As usual, finders keepers. Oh, and did I mention she has an etsy shop? Because she has an etsy shop. So if you don’t find one of her fun little critters at SDCC, she’s available to make one for you! Find them and they’re yours to keep!

If you want to join my hunt for crocheted critters at San Diego Comic-Con this year, follow me on either twitter or facebook to track my drops! I just ask for two things if you find a critter: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend! 2) Let me know where the little buddy’s new home will be! Good luck, and happy hunting!

The Geeky Hooker


Deadpool returns!

Oh, Deadpool. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, the thing I love about making Deadpool is that you can accessorize him with just about ANYTHING and it’ll work, because he’s ridiculous and that makes things fun. My previous incarnations of Deadpool have included him in a sombrero and another with a unicorn friend.

This year I’ve given him new headgear again!

Deadpool-6250 copy

He’s got a little sidekick with him too. Sidekick is a little dusty, but I’m sure Deadpool will figure something out with the little guy.

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