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Neko what?

When I did an art trade with Marcy of Moon’s Creations I felt terrible that I only sent her a critter and a half (a little Starlord with an even littler Groot) while she sent me FOUR awesome little crocheted … Continue reading

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Bunny Troubles in Little China!

I’ve only done two other art trades in the past, but I’ve always had a good time with them. So I was particularly excited to be doing a trade with Marcy of Moon’s Creations. I was already a big fan … Continue reading

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“This DOES compute!”

My friend Katie does some pretty awesome stuff with a needle, thread, and some felt. A while back, she asked me if I was interested in doing an art trade. We listed off each other’s geeky interests, and based on … Continue reading

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“I leave you my portrait…”

A while back, a friend that I had met in passing in Austin asked me if I wanted to do an art trade. She does super awesome embroidery work, and I love her art, so I agreed. Then came the … Continue reading

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Same ___ time, same ___ channel!

Is it the caped crusader? And his boy wonder? OR IS IT ANOTHER UBER-AWESOME ADVENTURING DUO?!? A while ago I made a Finn & Jake for an art trade with Toygami. Weeks after sending off my crocheted Finn & Jake, … Continue reading

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…why, it’s freakin’ ADVENTURE TIME!!! Finn is finally together with his bestie Jake! They spent some time adventuring around my apartment, but now they’re on their way to California to hang out with Jovee Edwards of Toygami. Can’t wait to … Continue reading

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Is it Adventure Time yet?

No, not quite. But only because I’ve only got half of everyone’s favorite adventuring duo done so far. I was going to wait until I finished Jake to post these photos, but dammit, I’m pretty happy with how Finn turned … Continue reading

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What’s the hooker making? Here’s the answer.

Last week I posted a photo of a bunch of yarn as a hint to what I was making for an art trade with Toygami: I switched out some of the blue yarns, but here’s the first progress photo (and … Continue reading

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Little monsters (not the Lady GaGa kind)

Last week, my friend Thomas proposed a trade. Thomas happens to be an awesome photographer. He also happens to like my lil’ critters. So he asked to swap a framed print for a critter or two. 🙂 How cool is … Continue reading

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