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San Francisco: The recap

I’m back from San Francisco where I ate, I saw…and probably still didn’t eat or see enough. Here’s a slice of how the weekend went: Highlights: I did the touristy thing and took a trolley! It was actually pretty fun … Continue reading

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Return of the cuddly robot!

Critter #2 for my upcoming weekend trip to San Francisco! So I know this is kind of stretching the whole San Francisco theme a bit…San Fransokyo isn’t exactly San Francisco, and it’s not exactly Tokyo, but dammit, I like Baymax, … Continue reading

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If you’re going to @#$%-ing San Francisco…

I’m heading to San Francisco for a quick weekend vacation this coming Friday! And I’ve decided to take some critters with me! Since Pixar HQ is in the area, I thought I’d go with Pixar/San Francisco-themed critters for this weekend! … Continue reading

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Peru = Magic

I’m back! Remember how I was so worried that the trip might be one huge mistake? No mistakes were made. I didn’t mind getting up super early in the morning for the hikes. The climbs were tough, but absolutely worth … Continue reading

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¡Hasta luego!

I’m leaving for Peru tomorrow! I can only hope that I’ll get an an epic llama photobomb like this. I’ll be back in a week! Here’s to hoping I don’t pass out on the trail or get spit on by … Continue reading

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Next week I’ll be on a plane to Peru to see Machu Picchu! I’ve been alternating between feeling REALLY excited and feeling like this could be a VERY bad idea. Several months ago, I had a small quarter-life crisis and … Continue reading

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