Find me, find the henchmen: Day 1

Alright guys, if you want to hunt for the henchmen, here’s what I’ll be wearing today:

Is it a video game reference? Is it an art reference? HOW ABOUT BOTH.

The shirt might be a pretty common one, so the main thing to concretely ID me will be the yellow backpack with the hand-crocheted Captain America pin.

I’ll be posting the view from my location if I’ll be staying in the same spot for a while, otherwise if you happen upon me, say hi and the henchmen are yours!


Find me, find the henchmen

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll have 14 lil’ critters to drop off around Comic-Con, but I’ve also got a pair of henchmen to deal with:

Since Henchman #21 and Henchman #24 were pretty much inseparable in The Venture Bros, and since I spent a lot of time making these lil’ dudes, I decided that 1) I’d only give these guys out as a pair, and 2) I want to be sure that whoever gets the henchmen is someone who really wants them. Soooo…I’m making you guys find me for them. 🙂 If I plan on wearing something distinctive (bright colored t-shirt, goofy hat, etc), I’ll post what I’ll be wearing a day ahead of time, but otherwise this will be the primary thing to look for to confirm my identity:

I’ll be carrying this yellow backpack…

…with this hand-crocheted Captain America shield pinned onto it.

I’ll be live-posting my view from wherever I’m located, but I’ll only be doing so if I’ll be staying in the same spot for a while (that’d be a jackass thing to do for me to post my location if I’m just going to move!). I haven’t really decided when I’ll be starting yet, but your best bet will probably be Friday morning, since I plan on waiting in line early in hopes of snagging a spot for the Walking Dead and Game of Thrones panels in Hall H. Comic-Con entails a LOT of time spent waiting in line, so my time spent in slow-moving lines will be your best chance at getting the henchmen! Find me, say hi, and the henchmen are yours! 🙂 LET’S DO THIS.


I’ve got two critters ready for Comic-Con this year. BEHOLD. THE HENCHMEN.

Henchman #21 and #24 are scheming…

…and subsequently getting chewed out by the boss. Oops.

Whether or not these guys are good henchmen is up for debate, but this is still my all-time favorite scene from the entire Venture Bros. series.

If only we could all get ready in such an epic fashion. 😀

Update: D’oh, looks like the video’s been taken down from youtube! You can find the clip here. Skip to the 1:25 mark if you just want to get straight to epic dress-up mode. 😀