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Find me, find the henchmen: Day 1

Alright guys, if you want to hunt for the henchmen, here’s what I’ll be wearing today: Is it a video game reference? Is it an art reference? HOW ABOUT BOTH. The shirt might be a pretty common one, so the … Continue reading

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Find me, find the henchmen

So as I mentioned in my previous post, I’ll have 14 lil’ critters to drop off around Comic-Con, but I’ve also got a pair of henchmen to deal with: Since Henchman #21 and Henchman #24 were pretty much inseparable in … Continue reading

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I’ve got two critters ready for Comic-Con this year. BEHOLD. THE HENCHMEN. Henchman #21 and #24 are scheming… …and subsequently getting chewed out by the boss. Oops. Whether or not these guys are good henchmen is up for debate, but … Continue reading

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