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“I Love Lucy”

The last time I made little baseball bat-wielding critters I posted a “teaser” photo of two painted baseball bats, inviting everyone to guess who they’d be for. Trying to crochet in record time here, but this critter has an accessory! … Continue reading

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Because brains are SO mainstream

I’ve got another critter ready to go for San Diego Comic-Con! BEHOLD, FOR HE IS UNDEAD AND HAS PARTICULAR TASTE: “Excuse me, are these brains organic?” Walking Dead is back, and I haven’t made a zombie in a long while. … Continue reading

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Lend a helping a hand

On Monday, I was dreading that I’d be starting an 8-day work week. By 1:50 pm CST, that 8-day work week seemed worlds away from the troubles happening in Boston. Then all sorts of other crapola started rolling in America, … Continue reading

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Chewie: “Hrrr.” Translation: “My bad.” Well…that’s a friendly handshake gone wrong. A little less force next time, Chewie. 🙂 The winter holidays are around the corner, so posts might be slower than usual while I try to whip up some … Continue reading

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Ah, Halloween. When you’re a kid, you get to dress up and get free candy. When you’re an adult, you get to go to fun costume parties. I freaking LOVE Halloween. Unfortunately it looks like the same can’t be said … Continue reading

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Walking Dead is back. Halloween is coming up. By my calculations, it’s a pretty good time to release a zombie into the wild. “GRUSJZKJXDKL BRAINS BLURGHSKD?” Translation: “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?” I haven’t done a drop … Continue reading

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“Oh, THERE it is…”

First off, WALKING DEAD IS BACK!! Admittedly I thought the season premiere started off a bit slow, but it looks like it’s going to be one hell of a season. Oof. At any rate, last year when the Walking Dead … Continue reading

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Zombie butcher has a home!

This past weekend, I got the following message in an e-mail: Howdy!  My name is Justin S. Davis, and I found your AWESOME zombie butcher–well, more accurately, he attacked me!–at Bedrock City Comic Company on Washington Ave in Houston, Tx. … Continue reading

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Zombie prom queen made it home!

The zombie prom queen made it to her new home in sunny California! Looks like she finally got a proper prom portrait too: Zombie prom queen approves! Glad she made it to LA safe and sound! Take good care of … Continue reading

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Dropped off my zombie butcher for adoption earlier today! He’s at Bedrock City Comics (Washington Avenue location), tucked between copies of The Walking Dead. Awaiting responses as usual! Hoping Houston’s geek population might be more receptive to letting me know … Continue reading

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