Suicide Squad: Better than Dawn of Justice, but FAR from being Guardians of the Galaxy.

SS Harley hi-res-2614 copy small

Yay! You didn’t suck in the movie! HARD WORK JUSTIFIED.

Alright, so I watched Suicide Squad over the weekend. Remember when I made that little Harley Quinn for Comic-Con? I spent a lot of time on that little bugger. And it made me nervous. I normally wait until the movie comes out before I take the time to make a critter from a new movie, because what if the movie sucks? Then I end up bitter that I spent all that time making something that I ended up not liking. Even with Star Wars: The Force Awakens I had people suggesting left and right that I should make a little BB-8, but I wanted to hold off on it until I saw the movie myself. That being said, I made a little Harley anyway because I loved her new look in Suicide Squad, and hoped for the best when the movie came out. Good news! The movie itself wasn’t anything great, but Harley Quinn was good. Here are my thoughts:






I’ll start with the caveat that I don’t know much about the characters in Suicide Squad outside of Joker and Harley, so I watched it more or less as a layperson. Otherwise let’s start with the good:

  • Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn: Margot Robbie’s acting skills were severely underutilized here, but for what little they DID make of her, I loved it. She got the flirty-killer thing down, and I feel like she managed to show Harley’s conflicted romantic feelings for the Joker really well in just one short scene.
  • Viola Davis as Amanda Waller: Loved her too. I also loved the parts where people would start babbling on to Colonel Flagg before he’d interrupt them and say “you need to be talking to her, not me.” That used to happen to me SO MUCH at my old job. The struggle is real.
  • Will Smith as Deadshot: Deadshot was probably the only other character who helped hold the movie together. Classic “badass who did bad things but HEY LOOK he’s a daddy awwwwwwww,” but it worked.
  • The bar scene: The movie needed so much more of this. We got some backstories (because OMG bad guys are people too), we saw the characters finally start to find some common ground…and then it all quickly went back to their disjointed “squad” that doesn’t really act as a squad. Sigh.

And then the bad:

  • Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn: See above. They could’ve done so much more with it, and they didn’t.
  • ENCHANTRESS. WTF: The introduction to Enchantress was pretty cool. Then it all went downhill, FAST. I feel like the director told Cara Delevigne “Okay, stand here and flail your arms around like one of those inflatable waving dudes you see at car dealerships. Yes, YES, WAVE MORE! FEEL THE EXCITEMENT ABOUT THE 0% APR.” No. Just no.
  • Too much in too little time (or inefficient use of time):  I still don’t know who the hell most of these characters are or why I should care about them. Harley and Deadshot were the only ones who had backstories that were fleshed out beyond an ineffective 1-minute montage. Keyword being ineffective. Ocean’s Eleven introduced ELEVEN people and still managed to make me like them for one reason or another.
  • Boomerang and Katana: They didn’t need to be there. At all. Also as much as people gripe about Harley’s hotpants and stiletto-boots, can we talk about those long-ass ribbons on Katana’s outfit? Girl, you’re going to get tangled in that shit in no time. Also Katana sobbing to her sword seemed out of place and awkward. You know what? Killer Croc could’ve been taken out too and the movie would’ve been exactly the same.
  • There was no “squad moment”: Look, movies like this follow a formula. Gather a bunch of misfits, introduce all of their individual abilities and personality quirks, and then towards the end you have a big “OH SHIT THAT’S HOW IT ALL WORKS TOGETHER” sequence. It’s cheezy, it’s predictable, but it works. Suicide Squad completely missed the point of the “squad” part. Deadshot shoots things. Diablo sets things on fire. At no point do any of them do these things in a concerted effort. They do their jobs individually at the same time, but none of it meshed together well enough to make it feel like everyone’s roles were falling into place.

On the fence:

  • Jared Leto as the Joker: Still not sure how I feel about this one. Jared Leto did pretty well to make his own Joker, which is a pretty difficult feat when you’ve already got two VERY different bars set by Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger, but something still felt a little off about it. It was never QUITE where it needed to be. Not scary enough to be dread-inducing. Not crazy enough to make you say “oh holy shit, what’s wrong with you??” The end result was a mafia boss in clown makeup. Supposedly a lot of footage was cut and the Joker was meant to be much darker, but look, what matters is what’s actually IN the movie. You don’t buy a shitty chocolate chip cookie and then have the baker tell you “oh, the original batch had higher quality chocolate in it, but we had to cut it out” – what matters is the freaking cookie that you bought.

Overall impression: there were loads of flaws, but I actually liked it. It was pretty much what I expected it to be: nothing ground-breaking or particularly distinctive, but fun enough that I wasn’t constantly asking myself “are we done yet?” It’s a superhero (villain?) movie for crying out loud, you’re not going to find anything deep or substantial here. Compared to Dawn of Justice Suicide Squad did FAR better in keeping things relatively consistent (none of that “Superman can hear Lois Lane all the way in Africa but can’t hear his own mother in the same city” crap), and at the very least it didn’t take itself too seriously. On the other hand while Dawn of Justice dragged things out, Suicide Squad crammed in too much. DC needs to find a happy medium soon, or the upcoming Wonder Woman and Justice League movies are going to be a rough time for everyone.

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San Diego Comic-Con 2016: The recap!

Another year, another Comic-Con has come and passed. If I had to be honest, I’d say SDCC 2016 was kind of an off year for me. It’s never a BAD time at Comic-Con, but this year was one where I was constantly wondering where all my time went and I felt like I missed out on a lot. Anyone who’s been to Comic-Con knows that the top two things that you HAVE to set your expectations for are 1) you WILL wait in line for exorbitant amounts of time, and 2) you will NOT get to do everything you want, but the beauty of it all is that so much is going on that you’re bound to be doing something awesome regardless of whether you planned for it or not. Normally it’d be something like “Aw crap, I’m not going to make it to the Marvel panel – but OH LOOK THERE’S A ZOMBIE PARADE!” but this year somehow I always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, with nothing going on around me. I feel like a lot of it might have been because this was the first time I chased after exclusive items (shopping for big ticket items has never been a priority for me at Comic-Con), so I was finally starting to see how much time and dedication it takes to buy the super-exclusive stuff. First you wait in line to get a chance to buy the stuff, then you’re in line again to buy the items themselves at your allotted time slot (so you have to make it back to the convention hall if you’re out and about), in which it’s never a short wait for either occasion. The thing about the Lego exclusives that I wanted is that they had a different item released each day, so I couldn’t buy all four sets at once and then be done with it for the rest of the con. On the other hand I actually had some help from family and friends with buying the exclusive Lego sets, so I didn’t even spend as much time buying them as I could have, and somehow I still felt like I missed out on a lot? Just kind of a strange year  for me. Otherwise, here’s  my recap of SDCC 2016!


When you’re chasing after exclusives, you’ll be spending a lot of time on the convention floor. I felt the same way this year about the convention floor as I did last year: once you’ve seen it enough times, it starts to all seem the same every year. However two highlights on the floor for me this year were the Nickelodeon and Sanrio booths. I’m not sure what was going on at Nickelodeon’s booth, but they seemed to be recreating my entire childhood and I was LOVING IT. I got a Tommy Pickles button and got WAYYY too excited about it. And Sanrio had the creator of Gudetama there!  I didn’t bother grabbing a whole lot of swag, but I get less and less swag-grabby each year, so it wasn’t necessarily a reflection on the quality of freebies.


LOTS of great cosplayers this year. Another side effect of going to Comic-Con multiple times is that you don’t pull the camera out as much for cosplayers as you do during your first couple of times going. This year there were lots of show-stopping cosplays out and about.


Conan O’Brien came back, and he did not disappoint! I went to Wednesday’s taping with the cast of Silicon Valley, with surprise guests Will Arnett and J.J. Abrams (!!!). They were a lot stricter on keeping cameras down during filming (to be honest I’m surprised they didn’t enforce this last year), so I didn’t get as many photos, but all I’ll say is that the taping ended off with a long joke about jerking people off and a good time was had. And we all walked out with a super-cool Superman Conan Funko! And just like last year, people were already asking us to sell them our Funkos as soon as we got out the door, just that this time it was SWARMS of them. HELL NO YOU’RE NOT GETTING MY SUPER COOL CONAN FUNKO GO AWAY.

The only downside to Conan O’Brien’s tapings is that the lines for standby tickets have now essentially become Hall H-lite. Lines are starting up crazy early, and the cutoffs for standby tickets are getting shorter with each taping. I still stand by my previous opinion that Conan O’Brien tapings are still a much better time-benefit exchange than Hall H, but people will definitely have to set their expectations accordingly if they don’t already have tickets to the show.


I went to two panels this year, Mr. Robot and Sherlock. The Mr. Robot panel was a fun time, but OMG SHERLOCK. I wasn’t originally planning on going to the Sherlock panel. Nowhere close. It was scheduled for Sunday, which is when I usually try to do last-minute things before heading home, it was in Hall H (good luck trying to get in), Benedict Cumberbatch & Martin Freeman weren’t going to be there, and I’d already seen a Sherlock panel before (I know, I know, #ComicConProblems). I was already feeling a bit deflated on Sunday morning because I felt like a lot of my time at the con had slipped away from me, but when I checked twitter when I woke up, I saw reports that as of 7:30am there were still plenty of spots for Hall H, and that Benedict Cumberbatch had been a new last-minute addition to the panel. I’M GOING. LET’S DO THIS. LEROYYYYY JENKINSSSSSSSS. I hopped in line, ended up in Hall H with zero problems, and finally got to see Benedict Cumberbatch at a panel for the actual show that I loved seeing him in. The last time I got into Hall H to see Benedict Cumberbatch was for Penguins of Madagascar, a movie I had ZERO interest in, but wanted to see Benny-boo without having to camp out in line for days for the Hobbit panel. GAME DAY DECISION PAID OFF SO HARD.



Hello. HELLOOOOOOOOO. Excuse me, my fangirl is showing.


I think another part of why this year seemed like an off year is that the outside activities were squarely in either the “meh,” or “LOL sorry you’re not getting in” category this year. Petco Interactive was highly underwhelming this year (WTF was with the $2/ride ferris wheel?), but NerdHQ and Adult Swim had a good thing going like they always do, even if they weren’t that different from previous years. I heard that it was near-impossible to get into the Suicide Squad experience if you weren’t in the Samsung express line, and even then it wasn’t worth the wait. Friends told me the Game of Thrones experience this year was also highly disappointing, so I didn’t bother getting in line for that one either. The one that I DID want to go to, but couldn’t because they constantly capped the line was Abigail, the yacht from Fear the Walking Dead. One way or another it was a stark contrast compared to last year, where the outside activities and promotions were amazingly fun, efficiently run, and lots of good quality freebies were being given out.


My swag haul gets lighter and lighter each year as I become more selective about what I grab, but otherwise I’d say it was pretty good! My favorite item is the exclusive Kidrobot Shredder vinyl figure that I found! A reporter was doing a twitter hunt of her own for exclusive Kidrobot vinyls, and I just happened to be nearby when she tweeted out that she was giving out the Shredder vinyls. I busted my ass on over to her location, and I walked out with a shiny new Shredder in my hands. My first thought was “holy shit, so THAT’s what it feels like.” Scavenger hunts are fun, heh.



THE BEST PART. THE HIGHLIGHT OF MY CON. This might have been an off-year for me in terms of the convention itself, but DAMN was this a great year for drops for me. I had a 100% response rate! YASSSSS! This was the first year that I didn’t do any drops inside the convention center, and I think I’ll probably move more towards that trend in the future. There’s better hiding spots outside, and it gives those who don’t have badges a chance to get in on the fun. I think I’ve also finally found the sweet spot in terms of making clues that are just vague enough so that the critters don’t stay in hiding for TOO long, but still long enough where people won’t snatch them up within seconds. Some you have to figure out from text clues, others you might have to zoom in on the photo to find identifying factors. They could always be trickier, but I’d say this year the clues worked out pretty well. Here’s where everyone went:

Iron Man:
This one was  such a feel-good moment for me. A few weeks before Comic-Con journalist Beatriz Valenzuela contacted me to request for an interview, and to see if she could tag along with me for a drop so she could write a story on it. We met in San Diego on Thursday morning and we were off for the first drop of the con! I scouted out a drop spot for Iron Man – I initially wanted to leave him somewhere near the Game of Thrones experience so I could make some sort of lame joke about the last name Stark, but there were too many people around, so I dumped him off in a planter outside of the Omni. Clearly I did a TERRIBLE job hiding this one, because as soon as I walked away someone came up to check out this little flash of red in the planter. Beatriz was peering around corner and told me “They’ve found it! They’re looking at it…they’re picking it up!” Once the person picked up little Iron Man she went over to speak with them while I stood by around the corner because I’m an awkward monkey like that. Turns out it was a boy and his mother, where the kid was a HUGE Iron Man fan and was super stoked to find little Iron Man! They didn’t have badges, and they come out every year just to explore the outside events, so this was an extra treat for them. Beatriz told me it was smiles all around. Guys, THIS is why I do this. This was also my first time in YEARS that a random passerby had found one of my critters, so that was an added surprise for me! Little Iron Man has found a new home in Mira Mesa, CA!

You can check out the story about little Iron Man’s super-quick hiding stint here.

I also gifted Beatriz a little Spider-Man before we parted ways…she’d mentioned that Spider-Man was her favorite because Peter Parker is also a journalist. I felt it was only appropriate to give her one as a thank-you for the writeup!


Poison Ivy was left in a planter (because OF COURSE she’d be with some plants) outside of Petco Park and has found a new home in Kansas City!

Hipster Zombie
I posted a non-descript picture of hipster zombie behind an iron-wrought fence, with the caption “Zombies, gargoyles and craft beer, oh my!” Stone brewery’s logo is a gargoyle, which would lead you to the Stone Brewery Taproom right next to Petco Park. He’s got a new home in Irvine, CA!

Batman was left in the hand of a statue. He’s got a new home in Fontana, CA! And from a repeat finder, nonetheless! POWER HUNTER STATUS UNLOCKED.

Captain America
I handed Captain America to a contact of mine who was wearing a Dragon Ball Z shirt. No photo clues, just the text “find the man who’s over 9000 in the adult swim t-shirt line and ask him if he’s from Brooklyn!” I stepped away to scope out the rest of the Adult Swim carnival for seriously just a MINUTE after I posted the clue, and when I went back in line someone had already gotten Captain America! SUPER FAST. Time from clue posting to update tweet was 4 minutes flat, which means he was found even faster than that. I asked my contact how it went, he said when the finder asked if he was from Brooklyn he just handed over Captain America. I told him “You mean you didn’t say ‘I’m not, BUT THIS GUY IS??'” That contact has been suspended from critter drop duties until he can receive further training on doling out cheezy lines. Captain America’s got a new home in San Diego!

Dr. Strange was shoved into the crevice of a statue that conveniently already had a bunch of fliers shoved into it too. He’s got a new home in Toledo, OH!

Rey + BB-8
Rey and BB-8 were planted (hehehe) in a classic hiding spot. I’ve repeated this one annually over the last 3 years. Somewhere in the trees, in this park:
I LOVE this hiding spot. It’s a tricky one, and it’s served me well. Rey and BB-8 were found and have a new non-desert home in San Jose, CA!

Superman crash-landed into a planter outside of a hotel. Thankfully he was rescued and is flying off to his new home in St. Louis!

I had an accomplice help me out with this one! I have a friend who carries a unicorn mask with her, and I KNEW I had to ask her to help for Deadpool (anyone who’s seen the movie will know what I mean by this, ha!). The only clue I posted was a photo of a blue bench and instructions to find the unicorn and tell her “Happy International Women’s Day.” My friend told me Deadpool’s adopter said he’d been waiting 3 years to find a critter! He’s got a new home in Sherman Oaks, CA!

Poe also crash-landed in San Diego (man, all the fliers are having a tough time here) near a plaza (not sure the name of it?). He was found and is going to a new home in Santa Ana, CA!

Harley Quinn
To be honest I was kind of nervous about this one. I’d put a lot of time into making little Harley, so I didn’t feel comfortable with dumping her off somewhere and walking away. I decided to hand this one off personally, but I’ve spent the last 5 years doing this incognito, so I wasn’t sure how it’d go if I had someone approach me directly. Either way I found a street corner and stood around (like the other kind of hooker, ha!), posted a photo clue to my location, and had instructions for the finder to tell me a joke to get Harley. And guess what? IT WAS AWESOME. Harley Quinn’s finder was super fun and awesome, we chatted, we gave each other hugs, and when a few runner-ups came by they also hung around to chat for a while before we all parted ways. Dammit, I freaking love Comic-Con. The joke? What do you call a camel with 3 humps? PREGNANT. Haaaaaa! Harley Quinn’s got a new home in Redlands, CA!

The convention itself might have been an off-year for me, but the drops were definitely the highlight. Thanks to everyone who hunted for making SDCC a great time for me, and I’ll hope to be back next year!

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“I don’t like sand…it’s coarse and rough and…”

…I’m not even going to bother finishing Anakin Skywalker’s horrible, HORRIBLE pickup line from Attack of the Clones. At any rate, I posted a photo of some sand on Friday to hint at the latest critter that I’ve made:

Thankfully this character came from a MUCH better Star Wars movie than Attack of the Clones. Say hi to our little friend from Jakku!

Rey & BB-8 copy

I might have to experiment more with this another time…I feel like my usual chubby quadriplegic look doesn’t work as well with Rey’s clothing, but in the meantime it’s what I’ve got ready for dropping at SDCC!

Rey back copy

She’s also got a teeny tiny BB-8 to keep her company!

BB-8 2 copy

So smol.

Find them and they’re yours! That rounds out my critter total this year to 8, plus 3 extra guest critters made by Gina.


I felt bad about not providing a critter for the blood drive last year and I wasn’t able to crank one out in time this year either, but I made a bunch of little Captain America shield pins to donate as prize drawings for the blood drive! Donate blood and you could get one of these too! Information on the blood drive here.


Crocheted Captain America shield made by me, paper Captain America art by David Minh Tam Nguyen!

UPDATE: I’ve been informed there were some unclaimed prizes from previous blood drives! Donate blood and you could either win one of five Captain America shield pins, or one of these two little buggers!

If you plan on looking for a critter at SDCC, read through these guidelines to get you started! Otherwise here’s a recap of all the characters I’m toting with me to San Diego:

  • Deadpool
  • Batman
  • Superman
  • Captain America
  • Iron Man
  • Hipster zombie
  • Harley Quinn
  • Rey + BB-8
  • Poe Dameron (made by Gina)
  • Dr. Strange (made by Gina)
  • Poison Ivy (made by Gina)

Let’s give them all good homes! SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON IS UPON US! Happy hunting!

If you want to join my hunt for crocheted critters at San Diego Comic-Con this year, follow me on either twitter or facebook to track my drops! I just ask for two things if you find a critter: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend! 2) Let me know where the little buddy’s new home will be! Good luck, and happy hunting!

The Geeky Hooker

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Plan on looking for a critter? Here’s what you need to know: 2016 edition

COMIC-CON APPROACHES!! Which means the hunt will be starting soon! I’m working on just one more critter (stay tuned!), but in the meantime I’ve been getting questions about how the drops will work from newcomers. The general guidelines for my drops will be the same as previous years, so here’s a recap:

  1. Follow me either on facebook or twitter, but I highly suggest twitter for drop-tracking. Facebook does a weird thing where it doesn’t show my posts in real-time based on whatever magical algorithm they use to control people’s newsfeeds.

    The Geeky Hooker

  2. Search for the hashtag #CRITTERDROP to filter for critterdrop-related updates. I’m sure a lot of you will be following lots of other people/organizations on various social media venues during Comic-Con, so hopefully the tag will help sort things out.
  3. Set up a twitter mobile alert on your phone! This isn’t required, but it’ll help! This way your phone will buzz every time I make a post on twitter, so you won’t miss a single drop! You might end up with your phone buzzing like crazy if I’m geeking out over something, but otherwise I’ll try to keep it tame. Instructions on how to set this up can be found here.
  4. If you find a critter, let me know that you found it! Please, please, PLEASE check in if you find a critter. Each one is tagged with a card with my contact info. I just ask for two things if you find one: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend, and 2) Let me know where the critter’s new home will be so I can add it to my map! I do this knowing that there’s a potential that anyone could swipe the critter and never get back to me on it, but it doesn’t make it any less disheartening when one goes missing.
  5. Critters will be dropped one at a time. No pairs/groups of critters.

As for WHERE the critters might be:

  1. I never drop critters out on the main exhibition floor. WAY too crowded, and I feel like the critters would get lost in the shuffle. So no worries about trying to fish for one in the mad sea of geekiness.
  2. However, I HAVE dropped critters in the hallways outside of the main exhibition floor, both upstairs and downstairs.
  3. No badge? No problem! I drop my critters out in the Gaslamp Quarter too! I’ve left little dudes in trees, in random flowerbeds outside of restaurants, etc. etc. I only do Gaslamp drops when there’s still daylight outside though. No drops at night…I feel like there’s a higher likelihood that it’ll end up lost when it’s dark out.
  4. If I’m in line somewhere (like for the infamous Hall H), I might step out now and then to drop a few critters. If we’re all going to be in line for hours, I may as well try to make things fun.

I don’t have any insight in terms of WHEN I’ll drop the critters, but drops will happen from Thursday-Saturday. No drops on Sunday or Preview Night this year. Otherwise I try to evenly distribute how many are dropped per day throughout the course of the con, and I just drop ’em whenever it’s convenient and if I happen to spot a good drop location!

And most of all, HAVE FUN. It’s Comic-Con, for pete’s sake. There’s always something awesome going on, so enjoy yourself. And while sleeping is optional, don’t forget to bathe. Comic-Con stank is a very real thing. Happy hunting!

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She’s a bit unraveled…

On Monday I tweeted this picture of two little baseball bats drying for my next critter, asking folks to guess who I was making next:

 The two most popular guesses were Suicide Squad Harley Quinn and Negan from The Walking Dead. For those who guessed Harley, you could say you all hit a home run!

What’s up, pudding pie?

I LOVE Harley’s new look in Suicide Squad. It’s fun, flirty, and still distinctively Harley (counter example: Rita Repulsa in the new Power Rangers reboot who has ZERO resemblance to the original). I made two of these little Harleys so I could keep one for myself because I knew I was going to want to hang on to one. I may have gotten a little ambitious on this, painting little baseball bats with a toothpick, fraying out her hair to give just the right disheveled look…here’s to ensuring that someone will give her a good home out at San Diego Comic-Con next week! I’m just hoping the movie won’t end up anything like the trainwreck that was Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. They used Bohemian Rhapsody in the Suicide Squad trailer, so at least that makes me happy. Find little Harley at San Diego Comic-Con and she’s yours!

If you want to join my hunt for crocheted critters at San Diego Comic-Con this year, follow me on either twitter or facebook to track my drops! I just ask for two things if you find a critter: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend! 2) Let me know where the little buddy’s new home will be! Good luck, and happy hunting!

The Geeky Hooker

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Castle of Dreams: Studio Ghibli art show

Over the weekend I had some of my work up at the Castle of Dreams: Studio Ghibli tribute art show. It was a small and casual art show, with over 200 pieces of work on display in all kinds of media, free beer, and lots of fun enthusiastic people in attendance. There were paintings, sculptures, painted wood rounds (some of my favorites!), and other crocheted items in addition to mine! Check out all the goodness!

…and then there was my stuff, which looked pretty underwhelming compared to all the other amazing art that was out there.

Ghibli show-34

But hey, all three pieces got sold! If there’s one thing I’ve taken away from this, it’s that I need to learn to present my work better if it’s going to be up for purchase. I’ve gotten used to taking some photos of my critters and then unceremoniously dumping them in public places, so presentation “in the wild” wasn’t on my mind. Maybe I’ll put it all in a nice diorama and price the entire thing instead of having a bunch of sad looking little items in a glass case. One way or another a lot of great art was shared, and proceeds all went towards the Center for Recycled Art! I’ll have to look into more art shows around town, I’d definitely do this again. 🙂

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Got plans this weekend? Come see my work!

At first I thought I wasn’t going to be able to participate in this, but with a hail Mary last minute e-mail and some generosity on the part of the people running the show, I’ll have some works up at the Castle of Dreams Studio Ghibli art show this weekend! And while I still don’t sell my work, these little guys will be up for purchase at the show, where proceeds will go towards the Center for Recycled Art.

Totoro soot balls copy

This mini-Totoro is a repeat offender and this time he’ll be around with a pair of soot sprites!

Kanoashi copy

Kaonashi (aka “No Face”) is also a repeated character and he’ll be at the show, ready to eat everything in sight and take on all the emotions of the world.

Calcifer copy

And Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle is the newcomer out of all the Ghibli-related characters that I’ve crocheted in the past, burning away!

Ghibli art show copy

Come to the show to see these little guys along with LOTS of other really cool Ghibli-themed art. I only caught a small sliver of what’s to come when I dropped off my work – I spotted lots of amazing paintings and I saw that someone crocheted an ENTIRE NEKO-BUS. I can’t even imagine how much time that must have taken. I’m excited about this show, there’s going to be food trucks, drinks, and lots of cool Ghibli-themed art! Come on out!

Here’s the info:

Saturday, June 25th – 3PM to 9PM
Sunday, June 26th – 2PM to 5PM

Texas Art Asylum
1719 Live Oak
Houston, TX  77003

$2 per person cover charge (cash only) for ages 6 and up. Kids 0-5 years old are free!

Full Facebook event posting here.

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Reading ≠ Writing

It sounds obvious, but writing patterns is a lot tougher when it’s meant for other people to read. When I write things down for myself I’ll scribble some notes for reference in case I screw up, but it’s a bunch of nonsense shorthand that would only make sense to me. Writing a pattern for the general public is a different ballpark. I forget that every step needs to be accounted for. That every piece of material needs to be documented. Things that are habits for me aren’t going to be habits for everyone else. Things that seem common sense to me aren’t going to be common sense for everyone else. Will these instructions be clear? Will these materials be accessible to most people? I’ve already had to take a character apart entirely multiple times and remake it. I’ve looked through Amazon reviews for other crochet books to see what people liked and didn’t like about certain patterns, but I know I can’t please everyone. I’m just hoping it doesn’t end up like this:


This whole book-writing thing is a lot of work, but it’s been fun so far. The most frustrating part is that I can’t show what I’ve been doing yet! I’ve been crocheting more than ever to meet my deadlines (to the point where I’ve had to intensify my old woman status) and researching more into works of classic literature than I ever did when I was ASSIGNED to be reading some of these works back in high school. Hopefully lit geeks (and people in general!) will be happy with the characters I’ve made, but I can’t say which characters will be in the book yet because I honestly don’t know who will make the cut and who won’t. Hopefully I can crank out an extra character or two for Comic-Con drops if I get some time in between the book-work, but my final deadline is RIGHT before SDCC, so  if my hands are still intact I might try to squeeze a few out just a week before heading out to San Diego. CROCHETING OVERLOAD HALP.


TL;DR: Shit’s hard, yo. Hopefully the results will be good. Hard work, but fun work.

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Feeling a bit illiterate


Since my upcoming book is covering characters from classic literature, I’ve had to go back and remember what I read in high school and what I actually remember from all those books. I feel like my English teachers did pretty well in giving me a good range of reading assignments (except for a few duds here and there), but there’s still SO MUCH that I haven’t read. Among a few surprise “never-read” books on my list:

  • Pride & Prejudice: On top of that, I’ve never read ANY Jane Austen. AT ALL. And Jane Austen was one of the few authors that I remember my peers actually liking at that time. That’s a huge deal when it comes to moody teenagers being TOLD to read a book. How??
  • 1984: I could have sworn that I’d read this one, but apparently not.
  • The Catcher in the Rye: Another one that I remember my peers actually liking, although I’m not sure if I’d find the same appeal if I were to read it now.
  • Of Mice and Men and The Grapes of Wrath: Steinbeck in general sounds likes a writer I would like.

As for the ones that I HAVE read, putting together this book has also let me remember all of the books I enjoyed reading for school:

  • To Kill a Mockingbird: My favorite. Easy to read, easy to understand, lots of southern charm packed in, and it teaches so much about life and being a good person. It’s the only book I read in school that I voluntarily re-read as an adult.
  • Bless Me, Ultima: I’m not sure how widespread this one is as school reading? It’s similar to To Kill a Mockingbird in that it’s also a coming-of-age story told from the child’s point of view with lots of lessons about life and humans in general, but with much darker themes and lots of rich cultural imagery.
  • Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451: I’ve listed these two together because they made me feel the same way while I was reading them. When I read them in high school they already seemed a little too close for comfort. I’d imagine if I were to re-read them now they’d be even more uncomfortably close to our current society.
  • Picture of Dorian Gray: A guy is so vain that he sells his soul to have a painting do all of his aging for him, while he goes on a hedonistic rampage. What could go wrong?
  • The Awakening: Okay, so I actually didn’t like this book at the time that I read it. I plodded through it only because it was assigned reading, but I grew to appreciate this one so much later on in life. This is definitely one where if you don’t read it as a teenager, you should DEFINITELY read it as an adult to pick up on all of its social commentary.

And then I’ve got the KILL IT category:

  • Anything by Charles Dickens. I DON’T NEED SIX PAGES TO TELL ME THE SUN IS SHINING JUST STOP. Sorry to all the Dickens fans out there, the man’s got great stories, but DAMMIT GET TO THE POINT, CHARLIE.

Maybe I’ll have to try to make up for some lost time when I’m done with this book of my own! So to all of you awesome people out there: what are your favorite books, what are books you haven’t read but feel like you would enjoy, and what books are in your DIE DIE DIE category?

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Guest critters, ready to go!

No new critters from me at the moment, but I’ve received an incoming transmission for a set of guest critters that will be up for grabs at San Diego Comic-Con! They’re made by Gina all the way out in the Czech Republic, and they’re currently hanging out in California at my accomplice’s home until we meet up in San Diego this summer. BEHOLD!

Gina's critters-5

A strange doctor! So strange he wears a cape! So strange that he can make himself look like Benedict Cumberbatch. Doctor Strange has never looked cuddlier and he’s ready to be picked up at Comic-Con this summer.

Gina's critters-6


Gina's critters-3

We’ve got a little pilot in our ranks!

Gina's critters-2

And his helmet comes off! Poe never got his jacket back, but he looks pretty darn good in his flight suit.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! This one might be my favorite one yet:

Gina's critters-4

A little Poison Ivy! Lookit that hair! And the little leaves! I end up killing just about every plant that I come in contact with, so she wouldn’t be too happy in my home, but hopefully someone with a greener thumb will pick her up out in San Diego!

They’re so stinkin’ cute. They’re actually about the same size as my little critters, so it’s impressive that she can squeeze so much more detail into such a small space.

Gina's critters-1

All three will be up for grabs at San Diego Comic-Con in July, but if you don’t snag one, Gina also sells these little guys on Etsy! Find them and they’re yours to keep!

Credit: Gina’s Creations on Etsy

If you want to join my hunt for crocheted critters at San Diego Comic-Con this year, follow me on either twitter or facebook to track my drops! I just ask for two things if you find a critter: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend! 2) Let me know where the little buddy’s new home will be! Good luck, and happy hunting!

The Geeky Hooker

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