BEHOLD! The first critter to be in the 2014 SDCC adoption lineup!

I’ve had many people suggest that I make this lil’ dude for a while now.

Deadpool belt

Everyone say hi to Deadpool!

Deadpool 1

The merc with a mouth, “ninja Spider-Man,” the dude who’ll kick your ass and just…won’t…shut…up….

Deadpool 2

Er…hey dude, you’ve got something on your head….

Deadpool 3

Okay, well now you’ve also got a…

Deadpool 4

Oh, nevermind.

I’ll be dropping this little bastard for adoption at Comic-Con in July! The first of many critters in the 2014 adoption lineup! Huzzah! Stay tuned over the next coming months for more critters that you can adopt at SDCC this year. LET’S DO THIS!!

If you want to join my hunt for crocheted critters at San Diego Comic-Con this year,  follow me on either twitter or facebook to track my drops! I just ask for two things if you find a critter: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend! 2) Let me know where the little buddy’s new home will be! Good luck, and happy hunting!

The Geeky Hooker

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VERDICT: No free dress for me, but TONS of love for all of you!

zombie thank you

Holy crap guys. So that wedding dress contest I was spamming everyone about? HOLY CRAP guys. No, I didn’t win the dress. Two other runners-up had a final push and I ended up in 3rd place by the time voting had closed. As far as I know, one of those two entries is ineligible because it doesn’t follow a rule that says the entrant must own rights to the image used (i.e. you can’t just snag any pic from the internet), but otherwise the other one seemed to follow the rules and won out fair and square! So bottom line, no (free) dress for me, but I should be winning a sketch of a dress? Yay?

But enough about that. Let’s talk about YOU guys. I mean, HOLY CRAP. I made that post as a last ditch attempt to get some extra votes. I didn’t think people would really pay attention, because let’s face it, was pretty much straight-up vote mongering SPAM. And 99.9% of the time spam gets ignored, and rightfully so. But the number of e-mails I got from people telling me they voted and wishing me luck…the number of people who told me they were spreading the word and posting to other forums and tweeting it out…it hit me right in the feels guys. I’ve never met most of you. And most likely I never will. But the way everyone came out to help me in this was just an overwhelming show of how kind people can be from near or far. So THANK YOU all! I may not have won a free dress, but I’ve absolutely got a newfound faith in the kindness of strangers. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! Maybe I’ll see some of you at Comic-Con this year!

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UPDATE: Voting has closed, and it looks like the two other runners-up got a final push in the last hour and I landed in third. Whew! Unfortunately it looks like no free dress for me, but it was a fun race! THANK YOU to everyone who voted!

I swear this is one of the only times you’ll get spammed by me, but hear me out. Wedding dresses are expensive, yo. And it just happens that I’ve got a SERIOUS shot at winning a free one. If I were farther down towards the bottom in this competition, I’d be like “eh, screw it,” but dammit, I’ve actually got a CHANCE! So exciting! So nerve-wracking!

So here goes: I’ve entered a meme contest by bridal gown designer Justin Alexander, where only 1st place gets a free dress. We’re coming close to the end of the contest, competition has been tight, and I need an extra push to secure a win. This is where I turn to you, my friends!

  1. Log into facebook.
  2. Go here:
  3. “Like” the page, then click the big grey “vote” button on the pic of my poor fiance’s face. Make sure you hit the grey “vote” button…unfortunately liking the photo doesn’t count. He was a good sport and volunteered his mug so that I can have a chance at winning something purty to wear on the big day.

best man copy 2

The contest ends on March 18th, so GET EVERYONE YOU KNOW TO VOTE!! Only 1st place gets a free wedding dress. Dresses are expensive, yo. And in the words of the late Billy Mays, BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE!

If you vote, please send me a screenshot of your vote to geekyhooker [at] gmail [dot] com. If I win this, I’ll send everyone who voted a Captain America shield pin!

0e964d16a5c411e180d51231380fcd7e_7Minus the crappy Captain American drawing. I’ll spare you guys that part.

SO HALP. NOW. TELL EVERYONE. TELL YO’ PARENTS. TELL YO’ CO-WORKERS. ERRRRRBODY. HALP. I swear I’ll stop spamming everyone after the 18th! (I love you all) Get the hooker a dress! :)

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Calling all hookers who are avid fans of The Venture Bros.: I have a gift for you all.

IMG_2228 edit

It’s my pattern for the henchmen! FO’ FREE!

I’m still trying my hand at writing up patterns, but I figured I could get a decent start with these two dudes. In the meantime, enjoy having these little guys to do your bidding! RELEASE THE BUTTERFLIES!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

business zombie vday copyFlowers for me?? Oh, you shouldn’t have…oh wait, you want me to take your arm with it? You…uh, ok. Thanks. Just to be clear, you realize that Valentine’s day is NOT a day for you to EAT people’s hearts, right?

I don’t like Valentine’s day. I really don’t. I fall squarely in the category of people who feel like it’s a corporate holiday, how it cheapens the concept of love, blah blah BLAH. I’ve mentioned before that I’m a Christmas grump, and I’m definitely a Valentine’s day grump too, even when I’m in a relationship (apparently I just don’t do holidays very well unless it’s Halloween or Thanksgiving).

BUT…that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate love either way. I just feel like it should be celebrated rest of the 364 days out of the year too. But hell, if there’s a day to bring it further to the forefront, then dammit, let’s celebrate. Celebrate your love for your significant other if you’re in a relationship. Celebrate your love for brains if you’re a zombie. Celebrate your love for time and space travel if you’re a Time Lord. Love doesn’t have to be romantic love, so celebrate what you love, not because Hallmark tells you to, but because you freaking LOVE it. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. :)


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IMG_9082 stitchAloha, Stitch!

Stitch has been hanging around here, but he doesn’t quite have an ohana yet. I know we don’t have the crystal-clear beaches of Hawaii, and the weather here in Houston has been pretty dreary…

IMG_9111 stitch winow

But worry not, my friend. You’ll be back to your sandy beaches soon enough!

IMG_9130 stitch CA

My fiance’s cousin asked me to make a little Stitch. He’s been kind of lonely around here, but he’ll have a new ohana soon enough, in sunnier climates in California. :) It’s still not Hawaii, but there’s sunny skies, blue beaches, and one way or another he’ll find himself a new home as long as he’s got a good family to take care of this little troublemaker! :)

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Hi! I’m not dead! Just uber-busy. Turns out they weren’t kidding when they say planning a wedding is practically a full time job in itself. Throw in the fact that I’m a stubborn DIY type and I end up creating a LOT more work for myself than necessary. I really need to learn when to put down the hot glue gun.

IMG_9078 crafting zombie


Otherwise, life’s been good and I’ve been trying to make some new critters. Key word being “trying.” The short ‘n chubby limbless look has been working out pretty well for me so far, but I kind of want to change things up and add limbs to my critters. The only thing is that I’m picky about how they look, so the trial and error is going to be a long process. Because dammit, sometimes my critters need arms and legs! They’ve been limbless for too long. Otherwise, how’s life for all you geeks out there?

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Wanna make a Grinch? Now you can!

Christmas has come and gone, but that doesn’t mean there still isn’t a spirit of giving floating around. FOR BEHOLD! I HAVE A PATTERN FOR YOU ALL!

IMG_9029 edit

Make a Grinch!

I wrote up a pattern, and then I went to create a account, since that seems to be the popular place to post free patterns. And then I discovered that apparently I already had an account. I HAVE NO MEMORY OF THIS.

Whatever the case is, the pattern is uploaded and good to go here. Happy hookin’, everyone!

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“Stink! Stank! Stunk!”

When it comes to holidays, Halloween and Thanksgiving reign supreme in my books. Free candy! Fun costumes! Stuffing yourself silly until you pass out! So when it comes to Christmas, I’m somewhat of a scrooge. It’s not that Christmas has been bad to me…I’ve had plenty of great Christmas mornings growing up, but I feel like Christmas as an adult becomes a different ballpark. And I feel like anyone who’s worked retail or customer service around this time of year knows that the holiday season tends to bring out the WORST in people. THE. WORST. Stir in having to hear Christmas music on loop for 10 hours a day, and well, it’s enough to turn anyone into a Grinch.

IMG_9026 edit

The biggest Christmas grump of them all. Maybe adding some holiday cheer will make things better?

IMG_9029 edit

No? Gosh you’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch!

The thing that I LOVE about “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” is how towards the end, even after the mean ol’ Grinch took everything Christmas-related away from the Whos down in Whoville, they still came out and sang with glee like nothing happened. To which the Grinch said:

“How could it be so?
It came without ribbons! It came without tags!
It came without packages, boxes, or bags!”

And he puzzled and puzzed, till his puzzler was sore.
Then the Grinch thought of something he hadn’t before!
“Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.
Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more.”

Because Christmas ISN’T about the frantic shopping, the ridiculous “see how much more money you can spend than your neighbors” light displays, the songs that get incessantly drummed into your head, the parents shouting at their kids to smile for the camera while they’re crying uncontrollably in Santa’s lap – it’s about being with those you love and sharing a time of kindness and goodwill that frankly, should be happening every day of the year. And sometimes it takes a movie like How The Grinch Stole Christmas to reaffirm to real-life Grinches like me that amidst all the commercial craziness, no, Christmas doesn’t come from a store, and yes, it really does mean much, much more. Spend time with the ones you love, be kind to strangers in the street…celebrate until your heart grows 3 sizes too big. From a real-life Grinch, wherever you are, and whoever you’re with, may you all have a very merry Christmas!

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The dirty thirty

Today’s a day I’ve been dreading for a while. Today I kiss my 20′s goodbye.

30th edit

But dammit, WHY do I need to be so anxious about turning 30? What’s with this weird self-imposed sense of doom just because I’ve managed to survive 30 years in this crazy world? In a lot of ways I feel like I haven’t accomplished enough, but you know what? I like to think I’ve done some pretty cool stuff before hitting the age of 30. To take a page from my dear friend Linda (who loves to categorize things into numbered lists), here’s 30 things that I’ve managed to accomplish in my 30 years on planet earth:

  1. I’ve had the privilege to eat some of the best barbecue in Texas, and therefore, THE WORLD.
  2. I ate a balut and liked it.
  3. I’ve eaten grasshoppers and they were delicious. (grasshopper tacos at Hugo’s for anyone who’s interested)
  4. I’ve jumped out of a plane. But I WON’T go bungee-jumping.
  5. Went to a drive-in theater!
  6. I auditioned for a reality TV show (along with Linda!) and was immediately eliminated before even getting a chance to tell the producers about myself.
  7. I’ve watched a brain surgery where a tumor the size of a golf ball got plucked out of a dude’s head. A few days later I’m chatting with the guy and all I could think was “oh my god, I watched your skull get sawed apart just days ago!” Amazing.
  8. I managed to sucker a dude into putting a ring on my finger! HA! HE’S STUCK WITH ME NOW.
  9. I’ve lived through all the right decades to see video games progress from cheezy 8-bit goodness to the crazy cinematic beauties that they are now. AWESOME.
  10. I’ve had the privilege of going to San Diego Comic-Con (aka the mecca of geeks) not just once, but THREE times. Hoping for more in the years to come.
  11. I’ve seen the Dalai Lama speak. Missed out on seeing the pope when I visited Rome because I took one look at the line at 6 am and was like NOPE.
  12. I’ve successfully grown a Chia pet! Yes, I own a Chia pet.
  13. I’ve traveled to 14 countries and hope to add many, many MANY more in the future.
  14. I’ve eaten ramen in six cities. Hoping to add many more to this because I WILL EAT FRESH RAMEN ANYWHERE.
  15. I busted my head open and got 6 stitches. I wish it was because of something cool like a bar fight, but I actually tripped while going up the stairs. Because I’m SUPER talented like that.
  16. I managed to close a car door onto my own head. Again, because I’m SUPER talented like that.
  17. I learned to play the piano (and have mostly forgotten by now)
  18. I learned to play the violin (and have completely forgotten by now)
  19. I learned to figure skate (I can move around on ice just fine, but don’t expect me to do anything fancy)
  20. I tried to throw a ninja star and failed horribly.
  21. I shot some guns (oh, Texas) and actually did pretty alright.
  22. I’ve raised a butterfly from a caterpillar. It didn’t die! Hooray!
  23. I’ve seen Anthony Bourdain speak. He’s just as much of a badass in person as he is on TV.
  24. I bought myself something nice from Tiffany’s to reward myself for slaving away at a rough job for 1 year.
  25. I made an impulse visit to the science museum at 1 am to see (and sniff) a rare blooming corpse flower.
  26. I hiked for 3 days on foot to see Machu Picchu!
  27. Related: I ate a roasted guinea pig in Peru.
  28. I’ve visited a reportedly haunted location. Actually, I’ve visited two. Being a skeptic, I didn’t see anything happen, but the haunted hotel I stayed at WAS pretty creepy.
  29. I taught myself how to crochet!
  30. I’ve made enough mistakes to know better, but still have enough curiosity in me to go out and make more.

I’d say I’ve done pretty well for the first thirty years of my life. My teens were full of awkward growing pains, my 20s were a time of self-development, and now in my 30s I can reap the benefits of all the time spent cultivating who I am today. Today I turn 30. And I’ve never felt better.

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