Whew, there’s been some radio silence, but Comic-Con is coming up in a few months, and it’s time for me to make new critters! For those of you who are new here, every year I make a bunch of little crocheted superheroes, and then I scatter them around San Diego Comic-Con (and sometimes other geek-cons!) for people to find by posting clues to twitter and facebook. More critters will be on this blog as Comic-Con approaches, and I’ll be writing up a more comprehensive “what you need to know” post shortly before the convention starts. Pick your social media poison and join the fun!

And with that, it’s the first critter of the year! Say hello to Baymax!

Baymax - G“Hello, I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.”

Baymax soup

It has been said that soup may help with your ailments. But always wait one hour after eating before swimming.

Baymax flowers

Flowers may also sometimes help with emotional distress.

Baymax Bandaid

I am also equipped to assist with physical injuries.


Are you satisfied with your care? I cannot deactivate until you say that you are satisfied with your care.

Oh, Baymax. Who’d want to deactivate a cuddly bot like you? Hooray for a new critter! I’ll be out of the country for the next two weeks (finally going on my honeymoon!), but stay tuned and more critters will be rolling out as San Diego Comic-Con approaches! :) SDCC 2015 critters have commenced!

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The hooker got hitched!

wedding gift book rings

Ahoy! Yes, there’s been some radio silence around here, but I like to think it was for a pretty good reason: I got married! I’m still waiting on photos from my photographers, but in the meantime I had to share an incredibly thoughtful and unexpected surprise that I got at my wedding. When my sister stood up to give her maid of honor speech, she mentioned my critters, and presented me with this:

wedding gift book cover

Getting the book in itself was already a surprise. The bigger surprise was what was in it:

wedding gift book intro

Old friends?

wedding gift book coffee and totoro

“The Geeky Hooker’s journey into…well, hooker-dom all began with a cup of coffee… And then she moved on to tree spirits…but one thing remained the same. She gifted them to others and spread joy. Now it’s their turn to pay her back…”

Holy crap, these are some of the first critters I’d ever made! Little lopsided coffee cups and lumpy totoros.

wedding gift book stitch

“Stitch happy to hear you will have a new ‘ohana’ to be a part of. (Congratulations on your wedding!)”

Oh snap! Aloha Stitch!!

wedding gift book brobee

“May your married life bring you joy & excitement, just as the family you placed me into, has brought me! May love fill your heart like mine has been filled with love from Leighton & Micah! Luv, Brobee”

And hello to you too, Brobee, Leighton, and Micah!

wedding gift book ed

And Ed and Al! (LOVE the tinfoil Al)

wedding gift book penguins

And the penguin pals, hanging out in the wild!

wedding gift book chewie

“Meow! Woof! Rawr! Bok?! CONGRATULATIONS! YAY! The translator finally got it right, finally. I’m so happy for you for marrying your HAN SOLO! I wish both of you the very best every day. Please share lots of laughs, drink lots of champagne, and eat all the cake!”

And Chewie! Good to see he hasn’t destroyed too much of his adoptive home. And yes, plenty of cake and champagne was there! :)

wedding gift book deadpool

“CONGRATULATIONS! Wishing you an eternity of smiles and tacos. From Taiwan with love.”

Oh Deadpool. Tacos and smiles definitely go hand in hand. I especially love the bowls of noodles on this page. Clearly my ramen obsession hasn’t gone unnoticed. :)

wedding gift book GH

“Stitch after stitch with hook in hand you have created many cute critters. May your life be filled with all the joy your critters have brought to the world.”

And a greeting from Spock, Batman, the 11th Doctor, and a minion! Holy crap. Just…HOLY CRAP. Check out this insane drawing that came with it:

GH Congrats

So. Freaking. EPIC.

You guys, I don’t even know where to begin. Having my friends and family around me at my wedding was already enough to make it an incredibly special day, but to have complete strangers near and far take the time out of their day to make this? I’m speechless. The world can be an ugly place, but to see the kindness of strangers in my hands like this has absolutely blown me away and made my wedding day that much more meaningful to me. To everyone who participated in this incredible gift, THANK YOU. To everyone who wished me well for my wedding, whether it was through e-mail, facebook, or twitter, THANK YOU. I can’t even begin to express how much it all means to me, from the support I had during that silly dress contest up until a few weeks after the wedding when I was still getting kind messages from people all over to congratulate me. It was a day full of love and friendship, and to see how far that expanded was overwhelmingly amazing to me. From my little corner of Texas and from the bottom of my heart, thank you all. <3

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Critterdrop talkback: Tell me what I can do to improve!

Alright guys, lay it on me. I’m looking for constructive feedback on how I can make things better with the critterdrops! Aside from making more critters, that is. There’s only so much that my hands can handle. Otherwise here’s a few questions of my own, so sound off!

  1. The #critterdrop hashtag. Did it help? I guess I can’t see how it would’ve been detrimental to the experience, but it also wasn’t a huge hassle for me one way or another to add a hashtag.
  2. Load times for clues. I know I don’t have any power over the data connection at Comic-Con, but last year I posted video clues and the issue of load times was brought up. This year I did photos only. Hopefully they worked out? I’d love to do video clues again because I can capture a wider view of where the critter is, but then again, you guys all seemed to do just fine with a single frame! :)
  3. Written locations. I’m TERRIBLE with directions. RIDICULOUSLY terrible with them. I’m the type of idiot who once gave someone directions to meet somewhere and somehow got lost based on my own directions. That being said, how were the written location clues? It seems like they were decent enough considering how quickly a lot of the critters were found, but I just want to make sure I wasn’t completely wrong on some of them.
  4. Hiding spots. I’m sure this is a big one. I’m still amazed at how my hiding spots have evolved over the years. I started out leaving my critters out in the open because I had zero followers and was relying on random passing people to stumble upon them. Now I have to hide them better because people are finding them too fast! The problem with trying to get trickier hiding spots is that there’s so much foot traffic at Comic-Con that there’s only so much I can do without people noticing me doing something strange (“why is there a girl digging under that couch?”) or crossing into places that I’m not supposed to be in. Any suggestions on this?

Otherwise if any of you have anything else to suggest, let me know! I’m always looking to see how I can make my drops better! Here’s to hoping for more drops next year!

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SDCC 2014: The recap!

Another year, another round of SDCC under my belt. It’s the same tiring, frustrating, hair-pulling experience year after year and I’d still go back and do it again in a heartbeat. Let’s go through the recap, yeah?


DSC05154 small

 Ramen from Underbelly

photo (1)

 Toroniku ramen from Santouka

 Not pictured: The bowl of ramen I had at Yakyudori because somehow I never got a pic. WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME??

Oh, you thought I was going to talk about Comic-Con first? NO. I MUST HASH OUT MY RAMEN FIXATION FIRST. One of my favorite things about visiting San Diego every year is that I always show up a few days early so I can get a chance to eat my way through the ramen restaurants before the madness of Comic-Con starts. THANK YOU to everyone who answered my public cry for ramen and suggested some RIDICULOUSLY good places. Three bowls in two days. And still not enough.



The madness. Ohhhh the madness.

To be completely honest, I felt like there wasn’t as much going on in the exhibition hall this year. Not as many events, not as many enticing freebies (and if there were you REALLY had to fight for them), not as many fun things to do at booths without trying to snag a ticket crazy early in the morning first. However, Marvel DID bring out the cast for Avengers: Age of Ultron to their booth and chaos ensued. I no longer feel the need to try to beat a crowd for celeb sightings, but I think my pics below can show just how FREAKING CRAZY it was when the cast showed up. I think Robert Downey Jr. is supposed to be in there somewhere? Absolutely NUTS.

DSC05564 copyDSC05543 copy DSC05561

The only person I was able to consistently get pictures of throughout that chaos was Chris Hemsworth, and only because that dude towers over everyone else in the cast. There’s a VERY good reason why that handsome, handsome man is Thor.

Hall H:

Hall H Round 1: I tried to get into the infamous Hall H twice this year. The first time was INCREDIBLY easy. My sister and I waltzed into line on Thursday morning just an hour and a half before the first panel of the day, and ended up sitting closer to the front than we’ve EVER gotten. We went just to see Benedict Cumberbatch for the “Penguins of Madagascar” panel, because I figured if I wanted to see Cumberbatch, then I may as well go during the one panel where his appearance is guaranteed instead of trying to fight my way into the Hobbit panel on one of the most ridiculously packed days where he might show up. And see Benedict Cumberbatch I did! Much happy I was! Wow. Such fangirl. Much ogling.


Our moderator was Craig Ferguson! That alone already made for a fun time.


WUT. JOHN MALKOVICH?? He plays the villain in the movie. An evil octopus. That seems oddly fitting for him. His answers during the Q&A were exactly as bizarre as you’d think they would be. When someone asked what superhero he would be, he shrugged and said “Lois Lane?”



DSC05255 copy


Of course Craig Ferguson told the audience “if anyone asks questions about Sherlock, Comic-Con is CANCELLED.” So people started asking random questions that had nothing to do with anything, because dammit, if I had a chance to talk to Benedict Cumberbatch, I’d probably turn into a blathering idiot too. I SAW CUMBERBATCH, GUYS.

Hall H Round 2: The second time we tried to get into Hall H was for Saturday’s lineup involving WB, Marvel, Legendary, and ALLLLLL the big movie studios who are known for bringing out the big guns. I’ve always sat through Walking Dead and Game of Thrones panels, but I’ve never shown up to the panels hosted by the big dogs, so we were going to try our luck this year. We heard that the lines had already started forming by 2pm THE DAY BEFORE. Wat?? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve gone out there at 3 am to camp out for a spot in Hall H before, but that’s just crazy. We decided we’d try to get out there by 11 pm, hope we’d get our wristbands (for the record, I’m actually ALL for the new wristband system), and then we could take shifts between holding the spots in line and sleeping at the hotel. Apparently 11pm still wasn’t early enough, because shortly after we were in line we started hearing reports that all wristbands had been distributed, but we decided to hold out a little longer until we heard more definitive news. They started shuffling the line to consolidate it a bit better…and they led us somewhere into the woods?? ARE WE BEING SACRIFICED??


Nope, no sacrifices here, but they rerouted us to a little park. When we first arrived in line out at the marina there was already a roach problem going on. One landed on my head and I was already getting pretty grossed out. But I talked myself into thinking that I can try to deal with some roaches, especially when they’ll all scurry away once we move into a more well-lit area. Instead we were led to an even darker park. On top of that, once we got into the park, a security guy also exclaimed “Are they seriously keeping you out here? The sprinklers go off at 3 am!” So now we’re dealing with the possibility of a sprinkler attack too. Not looking good. But this is when we finally decided to throw in the towel on waiting for Hall H.

DSC05495 copy

A MOUSE. A FREAKING MOUSE. NOPE. NOOOOOOOPE. We were all waiting in line until we saw a crowd of campers abruptly disperse and freak out over something. Someone shined a light and there was a little mouse scurrying along the rocks. And it wouldn’t go away. This little guy was NOT afraid of people, which means it wasn’t leaving us alone any time soon. Roaches make me squirm. Being attacked by a rogue sprinkler? Yeah, not a good idea. BUT A MOUSE? Hell no. Those lil’ bastards can bite and spread disease. I’m out. We went back for some much-needed sleep.


This was a year where I felt like the events outside of the convention were actually better than what was going on inside the convention. Better events, better giveaways, better line management. I feel like the events outside of the convention get bigger and better every year, and I’m TOTALLY for it.

Game of Thrones “Survive the Realm” Experience:
Did I have to wait in line? Yes. For several hours. But you know what? It was worth it. I’ve waited hours before for things that lasted less than a minute once you got in, but for this exhibit there were lots of things to do and you could take your time and browse around. The people manning the exhibit were even cool enough to give everyone a heads up on where the shortest lines were in case you wanted to fast track it!


There was a green screen photo-op. You can make a quick animation of yourself with one of Daenerys’s dragons! Cool! OF COURSE I’d be wearing a green shirt that day. So I looked like a decapitated being floating in front of a dragon. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s pretty epic. :D


You also got to see the actual costumes used in the show. It was cool to see the costumes up close and all the gorgeous details that go into them, but it was also kind of a fun way to see how you’d size up to the actors if you were to be standing next to them. Emilia Clarke (Daenerys) is TINY. Gwendoline Christie (Brienne) is CRAZY tall. And oh, Oberyn. How I miss you and your swaggering ways already.


And OF COURSE there’d be photo ops with the throne. I don’t know if it’s THE throne that they use on the show, but hell, it made for some great pictures.

Other things that I did outside of the convention:

  • Flew a drone! They had a drone-flying cage to promote the newest season of 24. Flying a drone is a lot harder than it looks.
  • Had fun making goofy animated gifs of myself at the offsite Godzilla exhibit.
  • You see those crappy pictures of the Avengers cast I have earlier in this post? Norman Reedus and Greg Nicotero were out at Petco Park judging some sort of costume/makeup contest. Got WAY better pictures and didn’t have to deal with the congestion in the exhibition hall.
  • Played in a fun Simpsons carnival game and got a sweet inflatable donut! Also grabbed free blue cotton candy because OF COURSE the Simpsons would give out blue cotton candy from a stand labeled as “Marge’s Sweets Station.”
  • I ate a lot of ramen while I was in San Diego. I also ate a grasshopper on a stick at the Boxtrolls food truck:DSC05426Darn, no more tempura tarantulas? Tragic.DSC05428Verdict: grasshoppers were pretty good! Tasted like a fried shrimp tail.
  • Attempted to wait for the Gotham zipline, but when the wait was getting too long the line attendants were still nice enough to give us the freebies. This way people exit the line, thus making it shorter for people who DO want to stick it out, and people who don’t get to do the zipline still get the swag (one of the items was a SUPER cool Gotham PD badge). Win-win for everyone!
  • Visited both the Adult Swim Fun House and the Meatwad dome experience. All I can say is that the fun house is absolutely insane, ridiculous, and a ton of fun. The fact that I was a little tipsy off of a few drinks the first time I went helped too. I had so much fun that I went back for a second time the next day…there’s 3 different routes you can take in the fun house, so it was a different experience the second time around. The first time I had to sing my way out of a karaoke cage. The second time I won’t go into too much detail, but it involved a giant kitty litter box. :D



My swag loot gets smaller each year, but I like to think that it’s because each year I get a little less swag-grabby. I should also note that only about 30% of the items shown here came from inside the convention. Almost all of my swag came from offsite events, and I should point out that the offsite event swag was MUCH better than the loads of posters, flyers, and oversized t-shirts that were being handed out inside the convention hall. My absolute favorites are my inflatable Simpsons donut (according to the girl working the booth it’s a donut pillow for your butt when you sit all day and marathon the Simpsons, heh), and my super awesome Adult Swim t-shirt that ACTUALLY FITS. I’ve NEVER had a free t-shirt that fit me before. SUPER SUPER AWESOME.

It doesn’t take much to see that I did a lot more outside of the convention this year than I did inside. And that’s an EXTREMELY exciting thought to me. I love that the offsite events are getting bigger and better each year, and they’re accessible to ANYONE, whether you have a badge or not. I love that San Diego Comic-Con has expanded beyond the confines of the convention center into something for EVERYONE, and not just the privileged few who end up with badges each year. This is the exact reason why I had a few friends come with me to San Diego sans badges this year and they STILL has a rockin’ time. This is the exact reason why I try to do more drops outside of the convention center than inside of it, because people with badges are already lucky enough to experience everything in the convention and I want those who aren’t so lucky to still have a fun time. Comic-Con continues to grow, and dammit, I couldn’t be more excited for where things are going to go from here. No badge? No problem. Here’s to hoping I’ll be back for round 5 next year!

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Critterdrop 2014: The final critter roundup!

Another year, another round of critterdrops! This year I went to San Diego Comic-Con with 15 critters in tow. Here’s where they all ended up, in the order that they were dropped:

  1. Minion #1:
    lost minion
    Kind of a bummer to start my drops, I haven’t heard back on this little troublemaker yet! If you or someone you know has him, please let me know!
  2. Captain America:
    Adopted - Captain AmericaSTATUS: Found! He’ll be going back and forth between California and Arizona! I love that she’s rocking a captain America shirt in the picture.
  3. Adipose:
    adopted - Adipose
    STATUS: Found! The little fat baby will be hanging around in San Diego!
    Side note: The adipose’s adoptive momma is looking to trade for another critter! If any of you other adopters are interested, let her know!
  4. The Ood:
    Haven’t heard back on this little dude either. If you or someone you know has him, please let me know!
  5. Totoro:
    Adopted - TotoroSTATUS: Found! He’s coming back to Texas and will have a new home in Dallas!
  6. 11th Doctor:
    adopted - doctor
    STATUS: Found! He’s coming back home to Houston!
  7. Spock:
    adopted - SpockSTATUS: Found! He’ll be beaming over to Galena, Illinois!
  8. Batman:
    adopted - batmanSTATUS: 
    Found! He’ll be bringing justice to LA! I should also point out that this dude gave the best adoption announcement ever…no “Yay! I found it!” or “Got Batman!” Just “NANANANANANANANA BAT MAN!!!” And dammit, that’s plenty good enough for me.
  9. Joker:

    No pic to go with this one, but shoot, a tweet is good enough! That means Joker and Batman are both going to California! Sounds like trouble to me!

  10. Minion #2:
    adopted - minion #2STATUS: 
    Found! Going back to Houston!
  11. Harley Quinn:
    adopted - Harley Quinn
    STATUS: Found! With a new in Los Angeles! Which means, Batman, Joker, AND Harley Quinn are all going to California. SUPER TROUBLE. I love it.
  12. Princess Leia:
    Adopted - Leia
    Found! With a new home in Voorhees, NJ! I’m always happy to see some more east coast adoptions.
  13. Superman:
    adopted - Superman
    Found! He’ll be saving the day around California! Hell, he might band together with Batman and make their own mini Justice League.
  14. Chewbacca:
    lost- chewieSTATUS: MISSING
    I never heard back on this little wookiee! If you or someone you know has him, please let me know!
  15. Deadpool:
    adopted - deadpoolSTATUS:
    Found! And he’s going all the way to TAIPEI, TAIWAN! I got so incredibly giddy to see my first international adoption in Asia! Great way to end my round of critter drops this year!

In the end that makes 12/15 successful adoptions!! That’s an 80% turnout! Woohoo! It’s still not the 100% that I keep crossing my fingers for (I came SO close last year with just one missing critter), but dammit, that’s an amazing number of critters who will be getting new homes. If you or anyone you know has minion #1, the Ood, or lil’ Chewie, let me know! Otherwise THANK YOU again to everyone who joined the hunt, and if the odds are in my favor, I’ll hopefully be doing this again next year!

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Can’t find a critter? Be a hero and win one.

So I’ve got 15 critters lined up for adoption. Cool, right? But dammit, you just can’t find one. You’re glued to my twitter, you’re borderline stalking my location (please don’t do that), and they just keep escaping you! BUT WAIT. There’s another way to get a critter! AND you get to save lives in the process.

I’m incredibly proud to say that I’ll be providing prizes for the annual Comic-Con blood drive once again! This time around I’ve got 3 critters ready to go for a lucky soul who donates blood. If you donate blood, you’ll have a chance at winning any one of these three critters:

IMG_3636 edit

Captain America, reporting for duty!

Mini chewie

Chewbacca, ready to always be your partner in crime!

spock 2014

And Spock, ready to be a loyal companion and to inject a healthy dose of logic now and then.

Here’s the information for the blood drive:

The Blood Drive is open from 9:00 AM–6:00 PM Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and 10:00 AM–3:30 PM on Sunday. The Blood Drive location has changed this year: it’s now located at the Manchester Grand Hyatt, in the America’s Cup, Regatta, and Nautical rooms (on the 4th floor of the tower closest to the Convention Center). The Hyatt is located at 1 Market Place, on Harbor Drive (the same street as the Convention Center), at the corner of Market and Harbor. If you’re registering onsite at Comic-Con, please go to the Blood Drive booth near the Freebie Table in the Sails Pavilion, upstairs at the Convention Center. After you’ve given blood, catch the Comic-Con Shuttle for a quick trip back to the Convention Center!

You can also schedule ahead of time to donate here. You’ll get a sweet goodie bag, a chance to win a critter, and most of all, the opportunity to do something truly heroic. Be a hero, get a chance to win a critter!

blood drive 2

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Last two critters and FINAL ADOPTION LINEUP!

Alright guys, I cranked out two more critters over the weekend, thus rounding out my adoption lineup! Since I’m short on time I’ll have to recycle photos from last year, but hell, it’s the same critters (and I’ve already recycled a few photos anyway). Say hello to the final two critters of the SDCC 2014 adoption lineup!

IMG_3636 edit

Captain ‘MURICA!


And a little blue totoro! Last year I made a grey one. This year it’s blue because I ran out of grey yarn. :P

And to recap who else is coming along with me to Comic-Con this year:

Deadpool 1


H J & Batman

Joker, Harley Quinn, and Batman

doctor group

An Ood, the 11th Doctor, and an Adipose

spock 2014

Ahoy, Spock!


Two minions made by my friend James (these can also be purchased through his etsy store!)

Man of Steel

A little Man of Steel

chewie leia 2014

And Princess Leia and Chewie.

That rounds me out at 15 critters! How about a final yearbook photo? Yeah, that’d be cool.

sdcc 2014 yearbook

Alright kiddos, squeeze in! No, really, squeeze in because my camera frame can only fit so many of you.

The hunt is upon us! Don’t forget to read here for details on how the drops will work. Let’s get these little buggers lots of happy homes!

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Plan on looking for a critter? Here’s what you need to know: 2014 edition

I usually don’t post this until I’ve finished my adoption lineup (working on just a few more!), but I’ve been getting lots of questions of how the drops will work! Here’s an updated set of guidelines on how I’ll be dropping my critters.

  1. Follow me either on facebook or twitter, but I highly suggest twitter for drop-tracking. Facebook does a weird thing where it doesn’t show my posts in real-time based on whatever magical algorithm they use to control people’s newsfeeds. I’ll try to post my general location if I plan on doing a drop soon so that people can narrow down where the critter will be, and I’ll post a photo of the critter in its hiding spot once I drop it!

    The Geeky Hooker

  2. Follow the hashtag #CRITTERDROP. I’m sure a lot of you will be following lots of other people/organizations on various social media venues during Comic-Con, so hopefully the tag will help filter things out.
  3. Set up a mobile alert on your phone! This isn’t required, but it’ll help! This way your phone will buzz every time I make a post on twitter, so you won’t miss a single drop! You might end up with your phone buzzing like crazy if I’m geeking out at a panel, but otherwise I’ll try to keep it tame. ;) Instructions on how to set this up can be found here.
  4. If you find a critter, let me know that you found it! Please, please, PLEASE check in if you find a critter. Each one is tagged with a card with my contact info. I just ask for two things if you find one: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend, and 2) Let me know where the critter’s new home will be so I can add it to my map! I do this knowing that there’s a potential that anyone could swipe the critter and never get back to me on it, but it doesn’t make it any less disheartening when one goes missing.
  5. Critters will be dropped one at a time. No pairs/groups of critters.

As for WHERE the critters might be:

  1. I never drop critters out on the main exhibition floor. WAY too crowded, and I feel like the critters would get lost in the shuffle. So no worries about trying to fish for one in the mad sea of geekiness.
  2. However, I DO drop many of my critters in the hallways outside of the main exhibition floor, both upstairs and downstairs.
  3. No badge? No problem! I drop my critters out in the Gaslamp Quarter too! I’ve left little dudes in trees, in random flowerbeds outside of restaurants, etc. etc. I only do Gaslamp drops when there’s still daylight outside though. I don’t like leaving them out in the streets at night…I feel like there’s a higher likelihood that it’ll end up lost when it’s dark out.
  4. If I’m in line somewhere (like for the infamous Hall H), I might step out now and then to drop a few critters. If we’re all going to be in line for hours, I may as well try to make things fun.

I don’t have any insight in terms of WHEN I’ll drop the critters, but a large majority of the drops will happen from Thursday-Saturday, and I’ll drop at least one on Preview Night. No drops on Sunday. Also, until further notice, there should be no drops between the hours of 10 am-6:30pm on Saturday July 26th, because I plan on sitting through panels (if I can have the good fortune of making it into Hall H again!). Otherwise I try to evenly distribute how many I drop per day throughout the course of the con, and I just drop ’em whenever it’s convenient and if I happen to spot a good drop location!

And most of all, HAVE FUN. It’s Comic-Con, for pete’s sake. There’s always something awesome going on, so enjoy yourself. And while sleeping is optional, don’t forget to bathe. Comic-Con stank is a very real thing. Happy hunting!

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The princess and the wookiee

I’ve got two more critters ready for SDCC!


One little intergalatic princess.

Mini chewie

And a tiny little walking carpet.

Princess Leia and little Chewie will both be making appearances at SDCC 2014! Find them and they’re yours!

chewie leia 2014

That brings me up to 13 critters! YOU GUYS. COMIC-CON IS IN ONE WEEK. ERMAHGERD.

If you want to join my hunt for crocheted critters at San Diego Comic-Con this year,  follow me on either twitter or facebook to track my drops! I just ask for two things if you find a critter: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend! 2) Let me know where the little buddy’s new home will be! Good luck, and happy hunting!

The Geeky Hooker

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MINIONS! GO FORTH AND uh…attempt to conquer?

A few months ago a fellow hooker friend of mine wanted to get in on the adoption game and asked if I would mind dropping some critters for him. Uh…more crocheted critters to drop? And I don’t have to make them? YES PLEASE. I’m delighted to introduce two guest critters to be dropped off at SDCC!



minions plan

Minions, today we have a plan. GO FORTH AND WREAK HAVOC.

minion coffee

…uh, I don’t remember “havoc” involving coffee.

minions fishing

…wait, now you guys are going fishing?? Oh, nevermind.

Two little minions, ready to be dropped at SDCC, thanks to my friend James! When he first messaged me, I suggested to him not to make anything TOO elaborate since there’s always the chance that a critter could go missing. But dammit, he didn’t listen, and I just have to show off the details on these little dudes:

Minion goggles

The goggles come off!

minion composite

And they’re posable! You can practically make these little dudes do the macarena.

Let’s find these little troublemakers some good homes, yeah? If you find either one of these little dudes, be sure to tag James on twitter, because dammit, he deserves ALL the credit! I’m just the delivery girl for these guys. And if you aren’t able to find one at SDCC, he’s also just opened up an etsy store! Otherwise, these two little dudes have some work to do! MINIONS! ONWARDS TO SAN DIEGO!!

If you want to join my hunt for crocheted critters at San Diego Comic-Con this year,  follow me on either twitter or facebook to track my drops! I just ask for two things if you find a critter: 1) Send me a photo of your new friend! 2) Let me know where the little buddy’s new home will be! Good luck, and happy hunting!

The Geeky Hooker

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