San Diego Comic-Con 2015 critter roundup and critter talkback!

You guys. YOU GUYS. I felt bad this year because I wasn’t able to bring as many critters as I have in the past, but YOU GUYS. I GOT A 100% RESPONSE RATE!! Every single one of my critters this year was found, and more importantly, every single one was accounted for! You guys rock so much. I (and everyone else here) also need to give a HUGE thanks to my accomplice Urian. He helped me with my drops this year, and he’s the one who came up with all the clever clues and drop spots. SO much better than my previous strategy of snapping a photo and straight up saying “hey, it’s at (insert location here), go!” He put way more thought into the drops than I ever have (hey, I just make the critters), and I really feel like he brought a lot more fun to the table for this year’s hunt. Otherwise, here’s the roundup!

Critter #1: Scarecrow

Urian dropped this one, and I thought his photo was nice ‘n vague and tricky. He also had the clever idea to give the finder a “scare,” so he stood by until someone found it! Minutes later, I got a text from him that Scarecrow had been found, and is getting a new home in Chicago! IMG_0236   Critter #2: Baymax

Baymax is the only critter out of the eight that was hidden inside the convention center. Urian came up with the great idea to put Baymax in a first aid kit and hide him near an AED…turns out people seem to like to dawdle around AEDs, so I had to find an alternative hiding spot. The first aid station seemed appropriate! Baymax was also found quickly, and he’ll be getting a new home in Camarillo, CA!


Critter #3: White Walker

I felt like this one went particularly well, and I can’t believe I didn’t think to hide my critters at grocery stores before. I hid him in the ice cream freezer at Ralph’s, and now he’s got a new home in Chatsworth, CA! IMG_0322 Critter #4: Batman Ok, I REALLY need to give props to Batman’s adopter, because I thought the clues Urian put out for this one were INSANELY vague and tricky. All I posted were these two photos: IMG_0344IMG_0346He also sent me a third photo that was more of a giveaway in case people hadn’t found Batman yet, but we didn’t need it! I thought he got you guys good this time, but MINUTES later Urian texted me telling me he saw someone find Batman! For anyone who wanted the answer: he hid Batman in one of the dog waste bags, then put it in a basket of one of the rental bikes. Super impressive work. Batman’s got a new home in San Dimas, CA! IMG_0350 Critter #5: Deadpool

I wanted to hide Deadpool at a Mexican restaurant, but I was pressed for time, so I dropped him at a planter near a table that was serving tacos and burritos outside the Omni! He’s now got a new home in LA!


Critter #6: Chewbacca

Coming down the home stretch! Urian dropped this one, and I honestly thought it would be another good tricky one too. But alas, it was found almost immediately. You guys are good. REALLY good. Chewie’s got a new home in West Covina, CA!


Critter #7: Star-Lord (who??)

This one was all Urian. He had the brilliant idea to do a dance-off to get Star-Lord. I posted a pic of the location, he dressed up in a banana suit, and the first person to find him had to do a dance-off to get Star-Lord. After busting some sweet moves, Star-Lord’s got a new home in Irvine, CA!


Critter #8: Groot

The last critter of the convention. I hid him in a hiding spot that I’ve used before, and it’s never failed me. Those trees have always been a fiendishly good hiding spot in the past, and it seemed only appropriate that Groot would be hidden in some greenery! I had a pair of eyes on the scene, and after seeing several people dig through the trees on both sides, someone had claimed little Groot! He’s got a new home in Las Vegas, where he’ll be the easiest houseplant EVER.


All eight critters were found, and all eight accounted for! It’s my first time getting a 100% response rate at San Diego Comic-Con, so THANK YOU to everyone who found the critters and reported in! It was a great critter drop year for me, but I want to hear from all of you: was there anything I could have done to make things better? Year after year I’ve had to toe the line between being too obvious or being too tricky, but it looks like even the trickiest clues were solved quickly! Either way, talk to me, let me know how I can improve, and otherwise I hope to see everyone next year!


12 thoughts on “San Diego Comic-Con 2015 critter roundup and critter talkback!

  1. amyherring says:

    These are phenomenal! I am an avid crocheter (obsessed, really) so I know how much work even just these little guys can be – you’ve gone above and beyond with all the accessorizing too!!

  2. karatemom says:

    I am absolutely in LOVE with these characters and the whole drop/adoption thing! What fun!! (I’m really jealous of the person who got Groot!)

  3. Becki M says:

    This is such a cute, clever idea! I crochet myself and love that you made a game out of this! Kudos! Maybe I’ll be able to find one next year 🙂 Keep up the good work! They are adorable!

  4. Chelsea Lynn says:

    Is there anyway that I could adopt a baymax or a groot…. I absolutely adore your friends unfortunately I live in Virginia.

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